Brennan: Sarah Main: her mentor is Ryan Holmes - Reach Social
Harondel (I like brain tech)
Paul (product designer - design background, into gardening)
Chris - hardware engineering
Alanna - web tech at BCIT and media design as a double


sleep for first time in new house - first night effect
each half of brain sleeps different
they played two tones
Kris: 3d scan rock, cut that into wood, embed rock in wood for jewelry
additive manufacturing
disruptive art - hole filling
What 3d scanners are there out there?
Guy straightens his own teeth for $60

Stephen: weight bar attached to a machine
Paul: rfid weights with a pedometer
Kris: 3d printed cell phone clip for barbell
Gym marketing: our people have lifted this much weight - every tone we lift we give to homeless
see person you like in real time — get data in real time

accelerometer app

hug app -
missed connection app
find the dot (random other person in the world) - say one word to verify
n people to tip the scale
language tandems
conference app - organize quickly groups
snake game watching whose ball (in drink) to get a free drink (fans of a team for example)

ask a question to the crowd

David Bratzer vs Victoria Police Department

Is there really safety issue in calling out the corrupt or violent police officer instead of the department?