Chair: Kris
Minutes: Stephen
Attending: Kris, Stephen, Keith, Vanessa, Alberto, Scott, Luke, Andrew

Ideas Summary
Kris- Craigslist selling as a service
Kris-Values Slide
Stephen- Wine-tasting
Scott- Cryptocurrency trading
Vanessa- Communal Housing + Arts Exchange

Ideas Discussions

Craigslist selling as a service
Kris: it takes a lot of effort to create accounts, prepare product ads, deal with clients on craigslist
pay someone (college student) to come, inventory and sell gear, particularly electronics
minimum wage, trusworthy people?
Stephen: another mechanism would be to provide a commission percentage to the sellers to incent them to sell the high value items
many craigslist items specifically discourage haggling, which gives the owner a way to verify trust
Scott: Free Geek Vancouver - provides a service to give electronics away
Kris: Some of the gear is quite geeky and rare, maybe a swap for other cool gear would be fun
Wine Tasting
Stephen: wine tasting is the best way to buy wine, what are the obstacles to arranging wine tasting where people can be sold small
tastes before buying bottles or cases of the wine they like

Kris: LCLB - special event licenses is needed to sell wine or beer below a particularly (high price)
Need to check minimum pricing, and the difference between bar licences and off-licences
CARBC - produce graphics and infographics detailing alcohol / drug use in Victoria
Josh Clark - sommelier on Victoria Island
Alberto: Might want to find some added value- particularly to target lower end markets
wine guides, music, different countries

Random Discussion about Social Media and Messaging, Privacy and Security

Alberto:  uses Omnifocus and Stitcher to modify messaging and notifications
Kris: nice to isolate news feed from messaging
Messenger is the most intrusive android app that Kris has ever seen, has the ability to turn on camera, record phone calls, etc.
It's possible to use the browser to send messages without giving up control, but lose timely notifications
Vanessa: Interested in email security and privacy applications
Kris: PGP  works well as an email addon, Signal  - works the best for messaging
Alberto: Question about how well Tor works for messaging
Kris: Tor has lousy latency, so is poor for voice messaging, but works OK for text
Vanessa: Is there a way to reroute telephone calls?
Kris: It's hard enough that if it happens you have much worse problems than privacy
Andrew: Mautic - marketing automation plaform - tracking who they are and what they do on a website
Thinkific is leaking private information
Intercom  is a pretty benign engine, almost like a chat engine, clears cookies when they log out
Vanessa: Lack of privacy may provoke a sense of empathy in the near future if everyone has secrets
Andrew: Facebook collects vast amounts of information - you can target incredibly detailed FB users
Alberto: People have learned how to subconciously block out ads
Andrew: Ublock Origin is a great ad blocking addon
Kris: "We all own pants." 'Steve' has developed a jean hanging product that is selling on Kickstarter

3D Printing Discussion
Luke: Does anyone have a good 3D printing source?
Kris: has a good contact for 3D printing, also Staples offers 3d printing, Makerspace
Luke Makerspace is surprisingly expensive for services like lasercutting and 3d printing
Stephen: UPS on Commercial offers 3D printing now

Community Housing / Arts Exchange
Vanessa: There is a beautiful living room space that the members would like to make usable and attractive

Alberto: Do you want to make the space a co-op space?
Vanessa: Where to get furniture, how to make an attractive events space?
Scott: Figure out from landlord and housemates, what are the groundrules for hosting events
Andrew: Definitely charge per head - this covers costs and any other problems that the events cause
Scott: Take care to enlist neighbors and the neighborhood in general to keep friction down, Use a single calendar that everyone works from to reduce conflicts