Caleb - Etherum transaction insurance
Stephen - a pee defender
Ana - Educational space for Children under 6
Luke -
Denise - travel website
Kris - disruptive digital clocks around the DTES
Paul - about to go on a lot of travelling
Sandra - facilitating language learners to meet and to offer a language in return

Do we want a side meeting or follow up list?
Reddit subreddit for ideas
cue cards - recipe box - reference number
Do you want accountability? What category(s)?

Caleb: [blockchain][p2p]
Slocket  - gain access to a lot of private property and a rental agreement
airbnb has to keep mastercard/visa happen to stay as a partner, blockchain systems don’t have this

hydrophobic material with lip that shoots urine back at you
dogs, or late night bar crowd
automatic water soaker for detecting cats
skunks, racoons, and rats
squirrel spinny 
[accountability: bring up again]

a 3x3 space with light, use of colour, use of textures for children
looking for a new space
hands on gallery space - based on model of a pre-school - 2-4 hours/day maximum
want a space that has no furniture whatsoever
Trout Lake Imaginarium 
Children’s festival
school board
[accountability: bring up again]- put on paper, business model canvas

one year anniversary - 5-10pm
grilled cheese & tomato soup fondue & beer
what would be interesting member benefits
$30/year - 1 beer a week, 2 meetings/month
attendee notification
put single thing on chalkboard outside door
[accountability: bring it up again]
[information infrastructure]

buy digital clocks from the DTES market
pigeon park
3d printable solar clock
gobo - metal thing you use in theatre to use shadows
9pm gun, noon whistle
5pm bird whistle - Tom and Gary’s decentralized dance party
June 21st: quitting time bird tweet
[accountability: Paul & Kris: outline on digital clocks,
June 21st 5pm - ask Roundhouse Radio, ask Food Trucks]
[disruptive art]

Language Tandems
There’s one at UBC - it’s paid and you have to be a member of UBC
There’s a website that’s really stuffy and was from 2008
Something more fun & engaging, easy and interactive
Stammtisch for each language in that culture’s restaurant
Mini tents per language - Plaza of Nations
Does Vancouver have a multicultural festival?
[accountability: Bring a Brazilian; Spanish only 6:45-7pm - bring your idea; Language Tandem]

Maker faire
CanSat Canada - youth aerospace education
Alex Dow’s drone racing league
space garbage issue with satellites
[accountability: ]

Bring $30 next week and have a free beer every time you come next year.