IDEAS MEETING June 13, 2016

Minutes: Sandra

Attendees: Luke, Stephen, Sandra, Ben, Kris


1) LUKE – Japanese scroll printing

Luke is involved in Japanese tea ceremony, which involves old artefacts (old scrolls with brush writing on it); his teacher shows scrolls and explains the meaning (literal meaning, symbolic meaning, zen meaning).

Idea: digital archive and online service to collect/share/discuss/print scrolls; offer information about the meaning; scan scrolls and print them on rice paper on demand; sell prints

Stephen: asks, if the people who are interested in scrolls would appreciate receiving a print like that

Luke: provenance is important; the print would be a copy of an original scan of a certain person’s work, which would be relevant

Luke: The site would have to be designed to be multilingual à Luke may have a contact from the tea ceremony group that would have the required language proficiency

Luke: has contacts (his sensei has many scrolls – 100 poems) which could be digitised

Sandra: suggests to approach Japanese embassy and Japanese cultural centre for funding/contacts/cooperation

Luke: every tea sensei around the world will have his/her own collection of scrolls

Stephen: sell personalised scrolls for westerners with relevant characters (e.g. to a sports person “vigor, determination…” or to companies with characters relevant to their company philosophy); get involved with charities (e.g. Trudeau could brush paint a scroll for charity)

Ideas for names? Jiku (means scroll)

Sandra: maybe Luke could talk with Paul about the archiving portion of the project

Luke: paper quality is a challenge, depth of the ink is a challenge, mounting the scroll is a challenge

Stephen: print with shadow to simulate depth

Sandra: what would be a good platform?

Luke: it would have to be a content management system; third parties should be able to put content on it, but it would need to be curated; a moderator is required

Luke: museums have many priceless scrolls

Sandra: museums may have a need for archiving

Sandra: it would probably be very easy to build a forum for people to discuss the meaning of the scrolls; curators for third party submissions could be recruited among knowledgeable forum contributors

Luke: asks Ben for a state of the art forum tool that helps putting value comments at the top (upvoting) and keeps out the trolls


Stephen: Top 3 forum posts could be displayed in the content section

Luke: Filter tool to look for scrolls that relate to your interests (e.g. tea)

Luke:  Incentive to upload scrolls - people could sell their scrolls through the site and get a share

Luke: Wants to talk to Hannah Cho

Accountability: Get some scrolls and try scanning by 13.07.2016


2) BEN – e-commerce

Taiga – ecommerce, allows you to run multiple stores with one account

An online tradeshow – you sell half yourself to consumers, the other half to other businesses

Upsell to register the domain

Open srs for DNS registration

$9/month or $60/year

Shopify is $30/month


3) Stephen – gym podcast

In the gym it’s difficult to do exercises right; people who are new to the gym may be tentative to try an exercise for fear of doing it wrong, people looking, judging, etc.

Idea: develop podcasts with step-by-step guide to do different exercises (e.g. bench press), like an audio trainer for gym newbies

Stephen: put QR code on the machine (cooperate with community gyms)

Sandra: would it hurt the gym’s interest in selling personal trainer service?

Kris: Remove liability – don’t even mention safety, make it only a “how to”

Luke: it should be possible to customise the voice of the coach

Sandra: where would the expertise come from?

Stephen: agregate information from communities, forums

Kris: mentions “Starting strength” by Mark Rippetoe as a good reference book

Related to another idea: guided audio tour in museums or in cities à do they already exist in Vancouver?

Kris: mentions documentaries about gnarly cultural practices, drugs, weapon deals, etc.

Luke: knows an Estonian person who’s into weightlifting that could be a coaching voice

Luke: gamify the gym experience

Stephen: unlock voices or features for achievements

Luke: reach out to famous fitness youtubers etc. to do voiceovers for you

Ben: How do you monetize it?

Stephen: advertising – clickable (podcast is listened to on the phone)

Ben: compares with Spotify – use free with advertising or pay to get it without advertising

Sandra: what about video?  à not a priority, minimal viable product is just a pleasant voice/motivating voice


4) BEN: sex app “KOITR”

Idea: record performance data via apple watch

Application: check performance data to decide when to change position (could be indicated by colour change on the apple watch); after the act, rate the partner and post it on Facebook; gamify; watch to watch interface; diary component; bio feedback between apple watch and phone (heart rate, calories, decibels); Show partner’s heart rate on the watch, also when not engaged

Kris: mentions dayday band

Stephen: suggests to link it to the stereo and automatically turn up the stereo, when a certain amount of decibel is reached

Ben needs an IOS developer who deals with health data

D: mentions source for funding that Ben could pitch to for free labour: red academy cohort

Kris: can connect Ben to a person, who won funds that may be relevant

Kris: suggests to check out book about OK Cupid data

D: mentions (deep inside, a study of 10.000 pornstars…)

Kris: suggests a more inquisitive character for the app


5) D – beer and coffee accountability tool

Idea: It would be good to have an easy way to keep track of beer and coffee consumption at Creative Coworkers; not intended as a control tool, but more as an accountability help for people to keep track of their consumption and pay up when they feel like they should settle the bill.

Kris: suggests i button (one button for coffee, one button for beer), web app that sends data to spreadsheet

Ben: may be able to help, he knows people who can help

Kris: another option could be using two old androids, keep one at the coffee machine, one at the beer tab; everybody gets their individual number that they could key in – this way people could also look up their own tally