ideas meeting - July 11

Stephen - fleet - clip on roller blade/skates
Luke - PSA (Noise pollution), Citizen licence plate scanner
Dean - Hello, I am
Riz - Analytics tool for instagram
Sam - Fridge storage
Kris - global online trivia
Justin - Grin Technologies - 2011 Makerfaire - has a powered unicycle
Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
Diamond Age - Neal Stephenson

Hearing Protection is mandatory (on Skytrain stations) signs
Harley Davidson’s should not be legal in an Urban environment
there’s an exemption as police motorcycles were often Harleys
stock Harleys are OK until modified
Noise Score instead of a Walk Score

Vancouver noise control bylaws
Sell a course on how to build or a device that measures sound & light
ESP8266 (BUY)


instagram screen scrape (on github)
know which areas certain topics are discussed (heat map)

fridge storage -
know when your food goes bad
tomatoes or citrus (lemons, limes) better not in a fridge - can last for months and go sweet
fridges optimized for dairy and meat - produce are for 10-15 degrees
in Canada all food stickers are edible
edible RFID
quantify it in dollars based on my diet after measuring my fridge

online trivia
groups vs bars
avoids searches at the same time in the location for people trying to look up the answers

Hello: I am. event
Vendors who are looking to give out samples
$5 to enter and it goes in an event
SOUP at Groundswell
1 minute pitches, rest of night is social networking
August 2nd at Creative Coworkers
$10 - $15 = one beer
Money Pot

ideas Victoria group brought the ALPR story to the media
open source licence plate scanner system/app - tells you of police, traffic
Kris: ESP8266 chip to wifi upload last 3 minutes of video when you push the button

Getting disconnected from reality - be out in communication
we love to add significance to everything - meaning to events
the story vs what happens (we collapse them by default)
not good enough - rational
Peter Drucker - how you learn/organizer
You figuring out how you work is really important
motion vs action