Daniel - political opinions platform Stephen - Chair next week - Counting app - flexible, customizable - count & measure things John - Soylent for charitable use Jeff - Negar - sensor to measure water consumption & energy usage for agriculture Rizwan - Minutes next week - eye tracking for better interaction in VR headsets Luke - I could bench press my body weight when I was 14 Kris -

Jekyll - github

Kris: coffee shop app that documents internet bandwidth at the time, how many spots available, how many plugs, coffee/food prices matchstick in chinatown - no plugs Elysian on broadway - no internet in the afternoons Waze.com free wifi - is it open, accept terms, war driving maps Ruby on Rails - CRUD application create in 5 minutes Wireshark

Daniel: “Lots of people on the internet with free time” “Every individual has political power” which they can exercise every 4 years the scale is so huge and so many subjects it can’t run effectively or efficiently “What do people actually agree on in this crazy world of ours?” Start small Place Speak Can you get government ID to validate? Finding out what the issues are expert opinion <-> politicians <-> masses (Pick 2 of the 3) Mod function on Reddit - Get the pro side with sources, and the con side as well Split screen site: pros & cons, up vote best arguments with sources IRAPECATS on Reddit Metafilter

Stephen: Counting App (templated) ability to change type and scale count work out data count accidents on the way to work measure DB of audio or internet signal, customer number bodhi time for meditation timer counting Starting Strength (great book for working out!)

Negar: Nothing reports water usage How much energy is used to pull water up from a well farmers pay an annual licence fee, but you don’t have to report if you change crops ground water uses can use as much as they want Front Counter BC farmers use their water cap so they don’t get a smaller limit next year Herb Lainchbury did Waterly survey each farmer - what if your neighbours are using too much water? Farmers usually want government out of their hair

Rizwan: modern usage vs VR usage (up to 20% more immersive) get into flow easier, more interested Microsoft Hololens no one seems to be doing eye tracking (Google Glass, other known headsets) sensitive, often needs re-calibrated (Luke has experimented) sub vocalization - subvocal recognition keyboard glove - keyglove.net Leap Motion Teledildonics Stenography machines - revive the art that court reporters use Kris: bracelet with wires that come out over your knuckles “Nerdy is the new sexy” - Rizwan Architect - local VR company

John: Food banks don’t do what they’re mandating to do Their donations are junk food produce is very limited Soylent Volunteers take the good food (who often have an income — not the people who need it the most) There’s only a surplus at Christmas and Thanksgiving, usually a shortage and often no produce at all DIY Solent defective stickers often on products (on EVERY bathroom product they get) Reddit’s DIY community 0 oversight in any food bank on what they get Food banks take the government money for salaries, volunteers do the actual work Poverty Soup (cooked soylent) Kris, John nicegoodsmile@gmx.com, Rizwan