Ideas meeting Monday 25 July

Steven - A drop camera that can be utilized for filming an area over a period of time to gather proof of criminal activity. The camera will be rentable by organizations like restaurants who require proof of criminal activity for the police.

Shaheen - Tracking mental development of kids by correlating it against physical activity. Want to utilize sensor data and provide high-level statistics. Want it to be a platform for all your data.

Have an analysis package that reads data from a sensors. Require a hardware engineer/IoT specialist so they can validate their algorithm and move forward toward building their iOS app. Package can get 97% of input data from sensors accurately. Track the activities the person is doing.

Sensible Shoes Code Package

There’s awesome synergy possibilities with the BioFeedback group. Want to show being healthy is good for mental health. Want to provide a correlating factor between activity and mental health. Steven can put them in touch with someone who does a lot of data analysis once they have a validated prototype.

Research Kit - Open-source Apple project to correlate Parkinson’s early detection against activity stats.

Massimo - Developer Mobile/Python. Shoe inserts to track activities. Research project from CNU. Got python code + arduino sketches + sensors + how to put it together and get suggestions

Kris - Website admin: moved site to Jekyll. Soylent soup project from last week Doers Group now moved to Jekyll so that we don’t have to create accounts for everyone. Jekyll doesn’t use a DB and uses static sites, which are less hackable. Connected to GitHub pages and you get awesome hosting. Just make a txt file and can put it in it. It uses basic markdown code which makes things easier.

Soylent Soup for Charities. Solving food nutrition for nutrient deficient individuals in Vancouver. Want to do it within the community but we should try it ourselves. August 5th we can do a Soylent Soup test. We’re looking for 5-10 people. We are willing to take donations/ingredients instead of cookers.

If we find that we can make it and people are interested in it - it might be valuable to have a fundraiser to raise money to make a bigger batch. Strathcona did a DIY soup.

We’ll do it in Kris’s building and hope we don’t die. Interested parties: Shaheen, Steven, Yana, Riz, Kris.

Creative Co-Coworkers will have Bar B Qs on Friday nights @ 6 o’clock. There will be free beer + bbq for the ideas meetup.

Doers Group: Sunday nights have a Doer’s meeting from 7-10 either at Creative Coworkers or Kris’s social room. We have bar b q facilities. We want to focus on “Doing” not just cooking but if Doing is Cooking then we can do that.

Interested: Riz, Kris, Simarron - expanding my business. design websites + short films to communicate ideas. want to be around people who want to take ideas from vision to reality Do have an idea - Discovered that back in the 80s my parents designed a board design to optimize garden yields. It looks like a board game. It provides a strategy on how to place your plants in your garden. It became a Canadian best seller but parents didn’t follow through with it. Want to make a gamified app that you can use different data from your phone to optimize your garden growing given environmental factors in your geolocation.

There’s a growing trend for growing your own food. YouTube Video

Geolocation would be really valuable to optimize what kind of food that you grow. E.g, growing different food in Syria due to climate change.

Monetize: Food sharing Data play? Up-selling of gardening products. Can look into Greenhouses | Hydrophonics to divest and get a yearlong applicable product, that’s also location independent. Is Marijuana the niche for this? Kris can make an intro to the top marijuana guy in Canada.

Shaheen will host a UI/UX Prototype design workshop @ lighthouse labs next week

MVP: Simple app that will populate the field with “tomatoes” and optimize the use of space. Utilize geolocation to provide suggestions on what kind of plants work in a particular area.

Moira - an idea around online dating. All dating apps around horrible. Want to make it to an authentic experience. How do you put forward your authentic self to make an authentic connection. Focused dating app. It’s focused on people who want to make an authentic connection as they really are. The app will feature a 30-second video about a person to better understand them intuitively. Utilizing micro-expressions, body language, tonality, etc. to connect authentically with people.

It’s about make people safe. Values-based dating. Help people present themselves authentically. The image consultants can help people be more authentic. “I notice something about your body language, what’s going on?” “Meetup with someone who likes you just the way you are”

Having weekly questions and categorizing videos by questions so that people can have specific understanding.

Snapchat for dating. Already tried to do it - but we didn’t feel we couldn’t get the numbers to justify it. It would have to be premium, for people paying for the experience. Can’t do mass market and the premium market at the same time. Data needs to be filtered so women don’t get inundated with data. With a premium model, you can personally go and do the video. Provide a dating concierge.

Riz - Pitch the building developer a co-working space. SpacerKraft is expanding. Launch Academy wants to expand as well - Ray Walia Network Hub would want to expand. Centre for Social Innovation and having a social purpose to draw in people. BC Co-Working Passport Ask SpaceKraft people how much value it generated. Having the ideal person to run it. Quantify the benefits generated by co-working Stats on what co-working ideal person who would use it. Data on how many people are using co-working spaces. Having a community Good within a building. Frame it within the users. Talk to Real Estate Agents for validation. Build a character of the right people they wanna attract.

Michael - I’m here from Barcelona. Business Development for startups. Help startups find product-market fit. usually in B2C

Yana - Boom about colouring books. Take pictures of clouds and use them as a base to create an image which people can use as a source of experimentation and build in top of it.

Educational while you colour. noctilucent Have a reference cloud and then colour the cloud. Random clouds in a book. Yana will bring it next week. Global Cloud Dragon Competition for #Outdragoning #OutCloud

Clayton - Spying on people through sleep sensor apps Writing a fuzzer that provides the wrong data to another system to make it do the wrong thing.

Can utilize the introspection data to see how the data is being utilizing Want to start a bug bounty collective where people can find bugs and earn a reward. Crowdshield bugbountyhq

A union for hackers. Organize the hackers and get paid together. Pick the software where you think there’s a bug, and crowsource the hacks. crowdsourced bug bounty for % going for open-soruce projects. Fund people being onion router nodes via cryptocurrencies. Get paid to run the nodes on the dark-net. Utilizing bloom filters to track token usages to ensure that users are paid based on actual usages. FreeWarez


John - Creating a bottom-up approach for a better recipe for Soylent Soup. Handing out a multi-vitamin a long with the soup. Giving people the choice to what people want in terms of vitamins. How do we go to the larger scale? Crowd-sourced Soylent recipe. Lets assess the Soylent Recipe we have. Also, what can we get for $5 from sunrise and make it tasty. Smmry an AI that can summarize large articles