– – – Ideas meeting Monday 15 August


Last week Stephen and I talked about making this more accessible to new-comers.

Introducing: Option to redact the idea/person from the meeting minutes.


Stephen - Meta Discussion on how we can improve Ideas Meetings.

After last meeting Michael and Stephen rode together and discussed how ideas can be improved.

There were 15 people last week and it was difficulty to get ideas out there for everyone. It was a surprise to some that the meeting was 3 hours long.

Mike and Stephen talked about how we can make ideas more appealing to more people, while maintaining quality.

One of the things we can talk about is how people experience the meeting. Is it okay to run out of time? How would it be possible to discuss fewer ideas at the meetings? Reaching plateaus for ideas and making it okay to talk to some other week.

One way could be to do 2 hour meetings, and people who are interested to talk more, can do a post-meeting. 2 + 1 idea? Riz thinks that the new comer system is good - 2+1 would be beneficial existing people.

Luke -

When anyone comes here they want to get their idea heard. I also get bored if there are ideas that I’m not really interested in and I start to lose focus.

John - Adding an inter-mission in the middle of the meeting?

Riz - Is it possible to have a signal to move it on because that seems like the challenge to me. I want to know when I’m rambling…

Stephen - What do you feel about having fewer ideas?

Kris - just try it. Can we do a voting for ideas at the end?

Stephen - Introduce some filters for the idea? Is it a business? Is it Philosophical?

Luke - DIY Dharma format - last meet of the month: Last chairman selects the format. Point is that you can change the format as you go?

Bill - What happens to the creative process when you put a time limit on it?

Yana - Lets have a timer and discuss with the group if we should continue on an idea.

Mile - Whoever chairs decides what innovation they need to bring.


Born and raised in Vancouver. I have a startup with SFU Venture Connection. It’s a multi-sided platform. Consumers get credits by watching advertising which can be exchanged for content.

Can people manage their data points? Is it dollars? It could be real-dollars as well. Could it be a netflix type of thing for watching the adds?.

Kris - are you gonna have interactivity in there?

Bazaar - thebazaar.io

Real Time Bidder

Scott Nelson - Human Data Commons



Management/Environmental consultant.

Is there a way to facilitate homeowners to coordinate the sale of their properties so developers can make their lots in one go.

Think about property in Vancouver. Frustrated at the economics of property in Vancouver. Ownership to property is a high barrier to high density.

Can we facilitate potential sellers of low density properties and they all sell at the same time to help the development get bigger lots. Creatie seller groups of owners of properties. Can you do an auction between different building developers? Is it better to sell collectively? Can you quantify the benefit for people?

Open market pricing for homes? Can you create incentives for non-financial benefits in a particular area. Government rezoning has a process as well.

SimplyMap - GIS Mapping based on 2011 census data. Check it out from lib.sfu.ca


Roundtable on Tools that you use that helps make your life better Tools List

  • Syncthing
    • Open source, encrypted, file-sharing between your devices
  • PipeDrive
    • CRM - Shows you your leads/pipelines in different stages - It’s really good for bizdev
  • Kanban Flow
    • Has a pomodoro built into it and it’s cool to be able to manage life + track the time you can manage with it
  • FreePlane
    • Open-source Mind-mapping. Simple, nice. Intuitive
  • VectorMagic
    • Convert any image into SVG; non-pixelated, HI-Res image format.
  • Trello
    • Super Light project management tool
  • VividVision/Painted Picture
    • Picture your future in 5-6 years and work on it together
  • Cloud9 - Independent development environment. Develop online!
  • Spotsinteraction.com Playnow.com
  • OSMAND~ Open source maps! offline, vector based.
  • [FDRIVE]
    • Alternative to google playstore. more private
  • PowerBI - Tableau from Microsoft
  • [wordScan]
    • Scans things and turns it into PDF
  • Moral Machines
  • SimplyMap SFU Library has a subscription, other libraries may do so as well

  • Soylent Soup Competition
    • Event for local chefs to compete on
      • Nurtrition
      • Cost Effectiveness
      • Tastiness
  • Create a Soylent channel on Slack

Social Hack Nights

  • 183 E Georgia
  • What kind of activities are okay?

Create a values map and talk about it.

Digg - The Charlie Problem

Stated and Revealed Preferences?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - an app sliding things to see if you have all the Hierarchies each day Max “Neave” - talks about broader needs

Kris is thinking about running a session on Privacy and Security?

Think of running a half-hour session of what’s a startup?

Should the Ideas group do a monthly session on something?


Student @ UBC - Collaborative system’s dynamic tool online System dynamics modelling - stock flow modelling for complex systems group modelling - sitting around a table with people with different expertise - to sketch out a model of how a system works

Systems mapping - There’s no online crowdsourced tool for doing this. Social and Economics Models Analysis.

Models Thinking Online Course - University of Michigan

If a business wants to keep track of what you’re financing activities are. Set that up as a model, and model what would happen.

Creating a follow-up between Machine Learning + Intuitive Analysis.

A wiki for knowledge-based

  • Tools
  • Frame works
  • Solve Problems with it?

What is it? What is it used for? What are some tools to do it?

“Markov Models”

Coursera’s Model Thinking class starts next week. Mike’s been a TA and he highly recommends it.



Mini-missions. Creating silly interactions between strangers. Create a connected joyous community. Give people a mini-mission to do anything and everything in the city?

  • Could be focused on learning something
  • Or Motivate you
  • or to make an interaction
  • Or act like an ostrich

Help people forget about the heaviness of life and remember the simplicity of happiness and joy.

Become a leadership consultant? Miracle Morning is an example?

Sponsored missions? Advertisers can build brand relationships between people?

Kik.com - branded events

Partnership opportunities with the city? Hospitals? Cops?

Michael knows someone who wants to build an altruism social network.

Tate’s mum is a VP at a hospital.

Creating complimentary groups like elder people and children to create a win/win.

Mini-missions.ca + FB Page.

Maybe make it a AR game? Check out Latitude

Campayn.com - MailChimp for Canada

Tin-i.com - search similar images.

Do a T-Spring and all of us can do it.


Branding for Ideas Meetings. Want to show you guys. Letss see what the branding is behind the ideas meeting. Understand the concepts behind this.

Going to ask for verbal feedback on the meeting compared to the last meeting.


Have ideas about charity and how to fund them. Trying to fit in a niche in Vancouver and possibly scale it somewhere else.