Ideas Meeting Minutes Monday September 2016

Host - Tate


  • Name
  • Mini-Intro of your idea
  • Go around and discuss your idea

Michael - Entrepreneur from Barcelona

Don’t have an idea today

Atif - Electrical Engineer

Just moved back to Vancouver. Running an R&D dept for a consulting company and our company is exploring new avenues.

Work with infrastructure, etc.

Frank - Software Developer

Part of a meet-up group to get some ideas and make them happen


  • Social Hack Night

  • Cold Brew Coffee Popsicle


On we’re using pixelcraft

  • Right now I’m the only one who can create events. But now we have our own group but the bad thing is that there are just a few of us on it.

  • Our goal isn’t get huge. My hope is that the admins can manage the teams on

  • Created a new group called data-driven wellness. Want to bring data science to wellness; less magic hand-waving.

  • The group will be a meetup and we’ll be doing it in person. We have the biofeedback group where we’re learning arduino and we’ll merge the two together.

  • Are we going to be self-measurement? or are you going to be more discussing science?

  • The idea is to getting a core group. We want to get the wellness people and get the data people.

  • We want to welcome the wellness group. Have them bring hypothesis.

  • We have to be constructive with our criticism as well.

  • All the hip coffee shops are getting cold brew. Can we make popsicles out of it? My hypothesis is that it’ll take away the bitterness even more..

  • What if you add cream?

  • Add MCT - Bulletproof Cold Brew Popsicles

  • Would work awesome on summer raves. Has to have trippy colors though!

In order to pay for the domain, please donate. It’s just $15/mo

Sunday Social Hack Night

  • Need a better way to be able to do it.
  • Can we do it at Creative CoWorkers
  • We have a slack chat so give Riz your email and we can add you!

Idea Slack Channel

  • One of the things we have are brands that we want to boycott. We just don’t have the strength in numbers. Is there an app for this? Get a reddit based system to boycott things?

Sham Wang

  • New talent in data centre designers for my new company. My idea is broad. Problem: why are some countries that are developed regardless of suffering and difficulty they have acquired.

  • Why are others better? Why are some countries always developing. The answer tfrom the west is that you gotta implement democracy.

  • A lot of these countries when they implement democracy, they go to shit anyway! Arab spring, we put in democracy, then we get tens or thousands of more dictators.

  • We see people dying every day! just because people were emigrating.

  • Treaty of westphalia and the idea of state. The state homogenized over time. What has been a issue that there’s a state been implemented on top of an area where there isn’t a homogenized people.

  • The whole idea of it is self-government for democracy, but it doesn’t really work.

  • It’s not really anyone’s place to say a country ready for democracy.

  • The US was never supposed to be a democracy.

  • Is democracy the end all be all? The line I would draw between good governance and bad governance. Even Canada doesn’t espouse to be a democracy.

  • It’s all about how well places are governed. England and California are an example of letting people the right to make the right decisions.

  • Democracy is a modern secular religion and often it’s fascism in disguise.

  • Democracy can never contend with corruption when corruption is widespread and the norm.

  • Even the biggest advocates of democracy said it would only work so far is if people were informed.

  • It’s all about your relationship with the U.S.

  • The internet should bring more direct democracy, but is that a good thing? Steven doesn’t think so…

  • People confuse politics with administration. People vote on the administration of their money.

  • BC allows for private sector donations.

  • Kris to create BoicotCanada subreddit.

  • How is boycotting not redundant with a market system?

  • Maybe call it Conscious Canada?

  • There’s something called BDS that doesn’t allow import from occupied territories. As soon as its organized into a campaign, does it work better?

  • We’ll have to make sure that the SEO is legit!

  • There’s no way for brands to know that there’s a blip? But there’s a more profound impact if lots of people talk about it.

  • 30 day boycott + coordinated campaign.

  • “#ConsciousCanada”

Farhan - Software Developer/Electrical Engineer

  • Running ventures in retail and service right now. Think tech is too risky. Don’t have an idea today.


  • For people to experience “gird” to sleep on an incline.

  • Have to sleep at an angle. Was thinking about a “Bed-Hammock” that will allow people to sleep on an incline. If you sleep on your left side, it helps.

  • “Debugging our lives”

  • The idea is that when you have an issue, you post it and someone tries to posts and then someone solves it.

  • Is there a stackoverflow are for your life?

  • There’s hundred of pages of crap! How do you leverage the wisdom for people? Setting up a knowledge base on topics.

  • Reddit, Quora, and Stackoverflow are just attempts at doing this.

  • jetzt - Chrome extension for reader

Salwa - Software Engineer @

  • Have some things I’m working on in my free time. Been using evernote for a long time; they’re charging money for more devices.

  • Wanna dev a small note-taking app.

  • Been using evernote for a long time, for reminders, and everything in my life. Evernote recently said that when you have to use for more devices, you have to pay. I don’t understand that! Why do they charge for more devices? It makes NO sense to me :/

  • Evernote has this one workflow that everyone should follow. It’s not necessarily flexible for everyone.

  • How hard would it be to create a note taking app?

  • Turtl – Open Source Privacy Focused version of EverNote #CryptoAF

  • Maybe it’s a privacy focused thing? For them to charge more - maybe there’s more access points.

  • Knowledge management vs workflow?

  • Memex is a brain outside of your brain which we haven’t created.

    • Bullet Journal

    • Whitebook

    • Pinboard

    • Canvas

    • Envyout

    • Taskrabbit

    • Atlassian Products

    • IntelliJ Idea

    • Reduce your commute - it will improve your commute.

    • Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues.

    • Junto - Ben Franklin’s

    • Your posture tells a lot about your health too.

    • The X-Effect - habit formation

Sentiment measurement tools

Mood Measurement

20 Emotion Detection APIs


  • Have a startup at VC and just got IRAP funding and would love to find some devs at school right now.

  • Idea: Starting a founders coffee for people who have similar problems.

  • Also for budding founders.


  • Was discussing with Scott to talking about nootropics. What nootropic will get you “Enlightened”?

  • Can you take something to relax?

  • Muse measures your brainwaves based on categorized thoughts and then lets you get back to your breath.

  • Not sure if there’s an SDK

  • Early Stage Founders - BiWeekly coffee between founders.


  • Philosophical idea about the stewardship of Artificial intelligence in the context of society.

  • We need to keep AI open as possible for checks and balances.

  • We don’t want to be reliant one a singular tech company?

  • I like the idea of freeing people from the drudgery of life.

  • Google is offering all these tools like tensorflow so they can improve their algorithms and research.

  • If its just allowed to grow unencumbered, unregulated, then we’re pretty fucked aren’t we?

  • We as individuals can’t do shit.

  • Can we have a technological houdini? Can we use a superstar technologist to show that AI is EVUL?

  • Can we make Watson kill all humans? Bringing intent to AI? What can be bad?

  • Trilogy Series - Black Mirror

  • It would be interesting to map out the cases that exist right now..

  • CRISPR Cast 9 - Open Science Network

  • Denmark - Basic Minimum Income

  • What about Civil Service and basic income?

An interesting article is “What humans be doing that’s productive post AI?” talk about it next week!

Cat People vs. Dog People at Facebook!