Sept 19th, 2016

  • Rizwan - Chair
  • Kris - Minutes


  • Marcus - Wants to teach comics - need 4 people
  • Michael - Challenges app (work on with Riz & Kris)
  • Riz - Coding the ideas from ideas meetings
  • Kris - LinkedIn Replacement
  • Michelle - developer between jobs - Quantum Entanglement
  • Lucas


Teaching Comics

LinkedIn Killer

  • Create a standarized resume format
  • Aggregate all of the niche sites
  • Your network can rate you
  • No one is happy with them as a user, or an employer
  • They have really good retentions - one of the best in the industry
  • What are the 1-3 things LinkedIn does poorly
  • Must be 5x better than LinkedIn
  • MVP = Minimal Viable Product
  • People use LinkedIn if they want to be thought leaders
  • One can game LinkedIn by adding keywords
  • Geek Finders
  • Kaggle
  • BCTIA has a platform
  • Universities have one
  • Xing
  • Niche focus – Freelancers, project managers?
  • Dribbble
  • A community around testing people
  • LinkedIn API to pull resumes in
  • Recruitem
  • Sourcing Monk
  • Standardized Resume Format
  • EU has a resume standard Europass

Quantum Entanglement

Challenges App

  • Michael, Kris, and Riz working on it
  • will be the URL
  • Michael doing a demo of front end
  • Kris: There are artisans/techies who are purists in their form. There are also business minded people who can find value that customers will pay for. Ideally this is a Venn diagram, but you can start a business with only the business mind set
  • Michael: You have to be willing to do things you don’t want to do.
  • It’s not dumb, it’s social intelligence
  • The ability to think of other things is not an asset
  • Try a 5 second pause between conversations

Adminstration of Ideas Meetings

  • First experience/visit is very important
  • Everyone should be presenting their ideas with the default thought that no one else knows what you do
  • Doing is overrated - brain storming is invaluable
  • “If I had been more open to approaches to doing things, I would have moved forward a lot faster”
  • How do we help each other, hold each other more accountable
  • How are we tracking success?
  • What are are vs what we say we are - “Making Ideas Happen” is more the social hack nights on Sundays
  • We don’t work with each other
  • Brainstorming group - great for getting feedback
  • We loosen up ideas
  • Our ideas get stuck in places, we help them get unstuck
  • Different perspectives and areas
  • We’re like a critical friend or peer
  • As a doer you have to commit - that’s not what we do
  • We’re like a philosophers meeting
  • We’re lika a think tank
  • Create a framework for an ideas meeting chair
  • What is success?
  • Michael: It’s an intellectual discussion place
  • Michelle: I would like to see a monetized thing. I need intellectual stimulation
  • Rizwan: I’m addicted to the intellectual stimulation
  • Marcus: Success is that the ideas grow; they happen. You feed them, and they grow. With ideas meetings, there’s a generousity. It’s not about getting a financial piece. A wonderful generousity.
  • Kris: You can’t leave a meeting without your mental wheels spinning. I appreciate succesion planning, that I’m not a bottle neck for meetings to continue
  • Can it contribute to others people’s lives. What is the perceived value?
  • All giving; the free sample.
  • You should get the MVP when you come here
  • Getting clarity on what the value is of your idea
    • This is the opposite of expanding ideas
  • Don’t use the term brainstorming even though that’s what we’re doing


  • Love should be only giving, no expectations of reciprocation
  • Lamrim Meditation
  • At which point do you become a doormat?
  • Go to someone who wants it and appreciates it
  • You should watch only for Appreciation, not Reciprication
  • Acknowledgment could be manipulative or genuinely appreciative
  • Always act as there is no manipulation involved
  • Trust is blind, it’s being naive, it’s taking a chance
  • Don’t carry the brush of your history to new people

  • Create a twitter bot that tweets our URLs

Chair responsibilities

  • Get a social membership at Creative Coworkers for $30/year
  • Pay what you can - PWYC

Other URLs

  • Startup Cap App - A capitalization app for startups that shows 3 different ways of spliting equity
  • Debate if starting equity should be 50/50
  • Method of Loci - Mind mansions
  • McKinsey, Bain, Booz, Accenture - Management Consultants
  • Deloitte, KPMG at the smaller scale
  • The elements of Value (

Apps/Websites of the week