• Jihad: Multidisciplany information ecology - more democratic than wikipedia
  • Kris: Community Engagement with Law Enforcement
  • Tate: Help tool with a UI
  • Alberto: Internship abroad
  • Maxine: No ideas tonight.
  • Glen: pre-alunch: live events that bring together people looking for volunteers with a cause - calopia.
  • Dean: Company branding - podcast around fulfilment
  • Tierney: New twist on wedding registries
  • Michel: Entrapment
  • Yana: globally streamed life/art/everything concert
  • John Davidson: Do I want to go back to the grind of another setup? I’m stuck.



  • How do we start engagemnt around law enforcement vs community policing?
  • Is militarization the reason for the decrease in danger to police?
  • How often is police abuse happening?
  • Is the aesthetic for ego?
  • Violence is going to quantity wise – is it more violent?
  • Frequency and Severity are going down for the last 10 years
  • Toronto police trialing body cameras - have decided they can control turning it on/off
  • How/Why did it take 30 years for the women sexual assault internally? What is the reporting process like? Is it trusted?
  • Blue code: Don’t report on each other - could influence other trials
  • People still being shot & killed even with body cams
  • If someone was using a hacksaw in a an operating room and caught after they would be fired - not so for police
  • Police officers more loyal to each other than the law
  • Is there a city that serves as a role model for community engagement?
  • Who investigates abuse complaints in BC? (municply as awell as in rural/RCMP jurisdiction)
  • What is the reporting process right now, and does it feel safe?
  • ‘Militarizing police’: Winnipeg buys $343K armoured vehicle for officers
  • Are police being trained for military action
  • CFE arms agreement
  • It’s political - in Calgary, you can’t run and say you vote against police budgets
  • What if a terrorist attack happened?
  • Could city council be involved? Kris: something like citizens assembly
  • Why do all citizen panels with law enforcement have friends or ex-police?
  • Why are civil liberties polarized with police and not complementary?
  • Police are: “My word is law” “You say yes sir/no sir” “Shut up and listen to me, I direct your thinking in this moment”
  • A lot of lack of knowledge to what your rights are – you don’t have to stop or show id unless you’re arrested or detained
  • BC Arrest Handbook
  • A Citizen’s Guide to Rights When Dealing With Police (in Canada)
  • My brother was thrown in a cop car last week-end for peeing in public
  • Are women in the RCMP feeling safe to report now?
  • SecureDrop
  • SecureDrop at the Globe and Mail
  • In conversation with Calvin Lawrence, retired RCMP Officer
  • TED Fellow develops online reporting system to help sexual-assault victims



  • Can you do an internship abroad? Anyone with experience here
  • Maxine: I’ll send you a link
  • Tate: Me too

Glen: pre-launch: live events that bring together people looking for volunteers with a cause - calopia.

  • Calopia - The Cause Shopping Website
  • The Meaningful Discussions Project
  • Is there interest in finding a cause?
  • Volunteering usually sounds good when you agree, and then you’re stuck for 8 hours straight doing data entry as opposed to what you were promised, and is missing a community element – you’re just doing boring solo repetitive tasks
  • There should be a rating system
  • Everything on Calopia looks athiest related, find some other religious groups or it may alienate people
  • What opportunities are there for athiests? None athiest specific, but some could be for those jailed for beliefs
  • There’s a semblance of engagement through online tools, but I feel are not feeling engaged in the community
  • What is the money you want to link to? Say on FB, link to a charity you want to pay to
  • Narcisism: public exposure in your networks
  • Future issues with scale, too many volunteers that want the same opportunity, how will this lead to issues with volunteer expectation/retention
  • Post opportunites prior to events so people can do pre-sign ups
  • whats the win-win for volunteers and charities, do people need to be able to show their contribution socially?
  • Locations: Creative Co-workers, The Hive (possibly partner with an organization at The Hive (win-win: they need volunteers and have access to the space


  • Podcast: needs an audio editing programs to improve volume quality
  • audacity, get a better microphone - software tools often lead to sound extortions
  • Innovation Lab at Vancouver Public Library - can reserve space with library card, lab mics, green screens for video – issues with waiting lists to reserve at the library


  • Alternative option for wedding gifts/registry people already live together and have the household items people don’t like giving cash or paying for trips
  • Idea: set up registry to co-pay for signifigant piece(s) of art for the newlyweds
  • couple chooses the art that the guests can choose from
  • If the funds don’t reach the goal, the couple could complete purchase themselves or use the money to buy a cheaper piece of art
  • test a MVP with a single gallery and a few interested couples, see what people will donate/gift, what will sell etc.
  • set up a website and do one offs for MVP and integrate with peoples wedding sites
  • possible place to start East side cultural crawl
  • Finding solutions to the rupture in traditional model of giving

Issues with Transparency with Police in Canada

  • Liberals not repealing bill C-51
  • police entrapment case with two mental ill citizens
  • how can citizens hold government more accountable to abuses of power, transparency and oversight
  • community event with law enforcement involved, non-partisan with the intention of building community and trust
  • public forum, citizens panel (with confidentiality) help reduce the abuse of ‘National Security’ designations that prevent the public from accessing information that effects and concerns them but is not related to national security in a way that if disclosed would cause harm
  • CSIS no authorized to act as police and they do not need to follow the criminal code. All under military court so those convictied can not even talk about it
  • wesite for security that is user friendly
  • need end to end encription and open source
  • messaging service app (signal) privacy community uses. Client validation of encryption. No need to trust that the server hasn’t been backdoored