• Kris - measuring whats holding up
  • Rana - umbrellas - recycle program
  • Sasha - how to improve team discussion
  • Owen - Save Rio in Kits

Kris: Challenges

  • Sorted by most important, biggest challenge
  • Want to find out what’s holding you back, so will prompt you every week on why you haven’t
  • demo/prototype up at
  • needs developer (looking for newbie, easy project)

Rana: Recycle Program for Umbrellas

  • Every time I have to buy a new umbrella it’s a waste
  • Loaner umbrellas – like the Mobi bicycle program
  • A standardized bin for umbrellas
  • Sasha: I use a cowboy hat instead. You’re attached to your hat so won’t lose it. People not attached to umbrellas.
  • Barcode/Scan out an umbrella
  • Get feedback from 3 restaurants to see how often they throw umbrellas out, or what they do with them, and if they would be interested in such a program
  • Kris: Add an “earring” tracking device for any umbrella left at the restaurant, and they now become part of the program
  • Kris: car2go for umbrellas - umbrella2go
  • tagging devices with LED light and alarm

Sasha: Critical thinking meetup

  • Interesting (Long/deep) discussion on critical thinking & reason. Sasha will create an event and invite us all.

Owen: Hollywood Theatre in Kits

  • How do we create an artistic community?
  • Sasha: Prefer to create instead of consuming it.
  • Rio has interaction instead of regular movie theatres
  • For night owls in Vancouver, where do you go? Only coffee shops.
  • Sasha: Social activities are key in society.
  • This creates a clique.
  • Social vs Consuming.
  • Save the Hollywood Theatre
  • What are you focusing on artistically?
  • Kris: Reach out to the owner of the Hollywood theatre and ask them to go for coffee
  • Lean Startup Conference
  • Vancouver Screening
  • Kris: Why participate in Myers-Briggs or Astrology is there is no scientific backing to them. Kris didn’t provide his label to either.
  • Sasha: Generalizing is for tribalism. Belonging to a tribe helps with ego-centrism.
  • Sasha: A lot of people around me makes me tired.
  • Intuitive Empath - Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
  • Empaths vs. HSP
  • Energy Vampires
  • Sasha: Empathy is missing from Myers-Briggs
  • Owen: Steve Jobs was genius but not an empath ENTP
  • Egocentric Altruist
  • Owen: When coffee shops started, there were community hub types who talked - there’s a TED talk on this
  • Logical Fallacies