Ideas meeting - 2016 Nov 2016

In attendance:

Kris, Rizwan, Tate, Garrett, Jeff, Owen



Decision Tree: Thinking about the guerilla marketing strategy as decision-making is so broad.

I own – trying to go to lots of target markets. Right now, when you have a decision, you can send it to your team to vote on. Right now what we have on our roadmap are public surveys so you can put it on facebook or something so people can share it.


One time I had to kill a bear in self-defense. Not fun, totally heart breaking. Since I killed it, I had to its heart. We got some mushrooms and some wine. It was tough. Braised it for 2 days, but nope. Too tough.


I’ve started more companies than I’ve had jobs. Factory Paintball Supplies: I used to go paintballing every week. I would go on the forums every single night. I knew I had to do somethign with this. I found a manufacturing company that made these guns and equipment that sold really well in Europe but no distribution in Canada.

I made up a logo, a website, and I emailed the head office. I told them I wanted to be an exclusive distributor for them. So I ended up with a distribution deal with them.

I became famous in the community and started sponsoring teams in the space. So yeah.

A year later, we never signed a exclusivity deals so the bigger companies killed me.


Trying to figure out the best way to enter into media: ebook or podcasting or blogging or vlogging. Currently I’m trying to enter through FBA amazon. My current skillset is that my mom knows factories in China and she has buyers all over the world. My mom’s pushing me and I’m just getting over my anxiety for this; my philosophy is that I want to change media.

I want to elicit a conversation. Interested in facilitating that more digitally.


A famous vlogger sold his Social Media following to CNN. It was an acquiHire. They gave him full creative control. $25 million.

He proved the model that once you do it daily, people come. You get exponential growth.

I was thinking; I’m in marketing and advertising. My platform doesn’t cover native advertising. I’m trying to think about how to incorporate native into my platform.



Kris: The hope is to get virality out of it. Although I’m not sure if the platform is ready. Trying to put it out to the group to see what you guys think.

John Draper (CapnCrunch), the first hacker, reached out to me to do a conference/media thing around Privacy and Security. And then I wanted to start doing IdeaWave, which is a conference I want to do focuses on Open ideas.

I’m just at the point where I’m seeing if I should put myself out there.

One is Decision tree, second is the ideawave, third is privacy and security.

Riz: Maybe focus the Decisiontree on getting people who have political things online and have them use it so you’re not there.

Tate: Partner with news/media organizations. Get them to use it to make group decisions – You’re giving them content for their constiuents.

Jeff: Is it like yahoo answers with dichotomus tree?

Kris: Go to and it takes you two minutes to start up an account and go make a decision on it.

Jeff: What’s the target market that you’ve identified out of all the segments you’ve seen? Is it entertainment?

Kris: One of the guys at the foundersmeetings was a guy who has reverse engineered decisionmaking for succesful startups. So I’ve taken that and structured it. Our platform allows for union decisions, board decisions, and strata decisions.

Most decision tools focus on comments and enter into the consulting space. We’re fast and furious. You’re picking the stuff yourself.

Jeff: I love it in union and strata. I love the idea of populating that on the platform – I don’t know how you would do it – but it’s pretty cool.

Kris: You get people in by email and it’s pretty easy to use. All the decision-making tools are passionate about politics. I have a plan for that, but we’ll save that for now. I was going to socialight and we used Decisiontree to make that decision.

Jeff: Maybe you wanna cast a widenet on this one. Unless you can get a whale. Low trained but complex decisions: Insurance adjusters. They’re lowly trained, and make decisions intuitively. Maybe a market with a customer service/callcenter type thing where people aren’t trained. Right now the cost of our staff and cost of our real estate are our biggest cost. Last year we spent $3m on cashiers. We can easily automate that.

Kris: Maybe you can go the other side and make it more personal for the coffee delivery at the cafe. Another idea I had was to print up a card with a QR code + URL. I got 8% return on it once so I want to do that again.

Riz: Get people in without the need for a signup. Have them make a decision. And then they’ll convert from there.

Owen: Can you guys trying to put a video on this or something to guide me through this please?

Kris: It would be really awesome if you guys will set it up for yourself.


  • Build a system where you can upload your resume, it compares the keywords with that of the local job boards for similar roles
  • Built a spider to scrape job boards
  • Kris: Standardize resumes first. JSON/XML? Something parseable
  • Kris: I will work with you on this.


Two-tier pricing model for coffee shops/cafes. Costco makes all their money from their memberships. That would be an awesome business model for coffee shops.

Buy the membership, show up, we will give you as much coffee as you want. We make the money off food.

Owen: I’ve seen it in Italy. It’s called “AntiCafe”.


Owen: How do I create a media company? Everyone has an opinion – Do this, do that. I want to find out how people do their thing.

Kris: What’s your experience?

Owen: I work in the film industry so that’s my background.

Kris: I have a good media network. It’s a highly competitive space that’s on its way down. What’s the problem youre trying to solve.

Owen: I just want to pose a question. Where do people go for their news? How do you break out of the filter bubble. Maybe put that Bill Maher thing online between the opposing views.

Rizwan: A good moderator is KEY. Look at HardTALK from the BBC. One of the problems is getting the legitamacy to do invite the people though.

Kris: Have a fact checking layer on top of the arguments - a browser plugin or a graphic embeded within it.

Owen: I want people to come together and have a discursive argument.


  • Allow content writers to get away from ad driven models
  • Login to our app - click on nearby me, or a product list - brands bid for your impression.
  • It’s all consent based
  • Allow these ads to pay for your content that has small/micro payments
  • Jeff: Ads first, content second
  • Avoid click farms because you can only get content in the system, no external money (Platform currency called Bizarre currency)
  • Kris: Partner with Privacy people! You’re actually an ad business that is consent driven, this is awesome.
  • Riz: I want a new computer, show me what is out there.
  • No wasted views


Kris: Coffee ATM/Vending machine – put them in places that want foot traffic (especially in the morning)

Random intervals during the day (2-5pm) – free beverages during the 15 mins.