Ideas meeting - 2016 Dec 05 2016

In attendance:

Kris, Rizwan, Steve, Luke, Tim, Cash, Tiffany



Wordpress is notrious for getting hacked. What if someone offered a service that sits on the shell where you embed a unique hash ( $7/mo) it detects every plugin on your site being used. And if some new plugin comes out, it goes and updates it.


A career recommendation system for university students.


I’m a product person. I let anger drive inspiration. I broke a lot of ikea furniture today. My idea today is to create modular parts for furniture. Solid wood, made in Canada. Indistructable.


I like dogs and Parrots. Backburner project I’ve been working on a long time. I want to commission to redo the soundtrack for this old videogame: International Karate

I’m making a camera rig to capture VR footage from rockets in flight.


What if it there was subscription box for meals for bachelors. breakfast lunch dinner and snacks. What if there was a massage thingie that massaged you the way you massaged it.






Observing. Stop typing. Stop typing.


Online shopping business – You get a cashback from all the different purchases online.

General Discussion

Kris: Wordpress is the most popular CMS on the web and people now make money by hacking it now. You can literally hack million of sites at once if you paid for it.

What if there was a service that notified you whenever there was a service for free. And paid version would update your shit for you.

You can scan the whole internet for $160k with MassScan. You can use selenium or even lighter tools to do the updates.

Tifany: I’m a lazy wordpress owner. I get notifications and don’t do anything about it. As a person that does that, what matters to me is the auto-update. I also love if the system can suggesst an alternative plugin.

Kris: If I charged you $29.99, would you pay that?

Tifany: If I had 5/10 lucrative sites, I would do that. Will the plugin be updated?

Kris: Well you need two. A second plugin to update the plugin.

Tifany: If you had to install the plugin at every website that wont work. You need a master site that will populate it to all the other sites.

Kris: I think most people don’t care about it. Just add the username/password and it’ll set it up for you.

Luke: I think this is one of a build it and they will come. No idea how much money it would make – How much do you think?

Kris: There’s a million upsell features with Wordpress plugins until it’s annoying.

Luke: Why don’t you just make it all those things with $29.99?

All laugh – It’s true!

Cash: Im assuming these guys don’t have root access – mostly shared servers. It sounds like a simple script that you can sell over and over again.

Kris: I don’t know if Wordpress allows shell access directly.

Luke: Wordpress plugins give you the right access.

Kris: I guess it’s one of those things I need to write it myself and see if it’s a build it and they will come type situation. Also, backups are really annoying in wordpress – but there’s a $20/yr to use PGP (keys) to do easy backups. Make $$$ by providing business ideas.

Tifany: Two years ago, I’d buy it cuz i had a bunch of sites that I was managing for people.

Riz: It’s valuable for people who are managing other people’s websites.

Steve: There’s competitors?

Kris: Yes, but hoyu had to search for it – know what to search for – nad they’re not doing it well.

Tifany: One of the things that is a pain is that whenever a webmaster told me that they’re shutting down my site cuz of malware: they never told me which date I need to go to where there was no malware. So somethign that solved that problem, it would be great.

Luke: You could use HashDB to check the plugins.

Tifany: I got emails that I got hacked but I have no idea what to look for and what to do. I need something that says “This is what you should do, step by step, like I’m a third grader”….

Rizwan: Working on a project where I’m mining keywords for job titles

  • Helping people improve their resume
  • Resumes are ranked by keywords
  • This can be automated
  • Let me say the skills they have
  • Talk to Career Counsellor at University
  • Tell people what type of jobs they should be looking for
  • For AI - direct to consumer would diminish quality, so have a human be there to be trained so they can provide more valuable information
  • Tif: What is your want to do, and what do you need to get there?
  • Tim: How to arrange my resume (with the db of skill and projects - match that to each of the jobs I’m interested in)
  • If there was a partnership with a job board this could be great
  • Kris: This is like my previously mentioned LinkedIn killer
  • Rizwan: Application Tracking System (ATS)
  • Luke: The users can give you feedback if they got the job
  • Rizwan: I’m building a script to mine a specific job posting, next step is to mine multiple job postings
  • Rizwan: “I don’t want to monetize it … yet.”
  • Luke: How big is the market, how valuable is the market?
  • Optimize resume with predictive modelling
  • Luke: Sounds like resume SEO
  • Luke: How valuable is your took worth?
  • Rizwan: I could tell you that in a week doing a bottom up analysis


  • I’ve done many kickstarter projects
  • Some people don’t execute on their ideas
  • I’m going to run a workshop on how to execute them
  • My ideas are usually product ideas
  • I’ve done 6 kickstarters
  • Tim: How much would you charge?
  • Charged $500 for 3 hours - told them not to, they did anyway and failed
  • I was paid $5,000 to run an entire campaign for one company
  • Commission model or a single charge for the workshop?
  • How is it marketed? People are just calling me.
  • Why don’t you pitch it as the “Kickstarter Academy”?
  • Charge for the udemy course? or the consulting project to fly in.
  • Odds of success? 100% so far.
  • for $5000 – I’ll guarantee you $50k.
  • it’s a 10x offering - that’s really valuable.
  • Decision Tree: Decision Tree
  • Give Steve your product idea, then either pay $500 for consult or $5k for him to run it
  • Do a legal guarantee.
  • Create a submission form, do SEO and get it done.


  • I went to a conference for VR footage gathering device for device.
  • If anyone has an idea to monetize this, please let me know.
  • How to monetize it?
  • Urthecast may be a potential customer.
  • Market this service to all these spaceports who can sell this service to all them spaceports.
  • Tim: a friend of mine is workoing on a software for sticching videos in 360. So it’s not a problem.
  • Kris: make sure the rig has transmitter, GPSr (to retreive) - waterproof, forest/tree ready etc
  • Luke: Make it fly back home
  • Cash is a VR programmer – did fliming in VR - Porn.
  • Luke: What’s a VR equivalent of a business Card?
  • Cash: Get a GearVR


  • A voodoo doll massage
  • You massage something and it massages you exactly the same way.
  • Luke: What if you massage your phone and it does your.
  • You could do a template massages.
  • Teledildonics: Skype screws with your SO
  • Kris: I was with the original patent owner this week-end
  • Kris: Japan has amazing laz-e-boy type massage chairs
  • Like: Osim: has a 10k chair in the Aberdeen mall in Richmond
  • Steve: Velco strap back thing
  • A mobile phone app that you program to massage you - it over time could do machine learning
  • Programmable, massagable - monkey on your back
  • Rizwan: I will pay $299
  • Insurance companies may pay for it
  • even stupid things can do a million on kickstarter.
  • there’s a device that gives you haptic feedback when you hunch. If you had posture + a sweater - that would be a legit idea.
  • Snugvest vancouver


  • – what if you could do something like that for house party?
  • Luke: I’ve hosted a lot of couchsurfers. “Find locals to party with” – you could actually do this all on just couchsurfer using the events section.
  • A craigslist for events: [] (
  • Could you do it on meetup?
  • Once you’re in a system - you know where to go based on your interest
  • You can apply to a party and the host gets to decide who gets to show up
  • Guest vouching would be cool – and you could roll it out regionally.
  • People should get downvoted if you don’t go.
  • It’s like a long-table dinner
  • Dimsum wolfpup
  • Tinder model for parties.
  • Dinner party collection app
  • Big apartment blocks – no body knows their neighbors.!
  • Houseparties with drink tickets
  • [Neighbourhood grant] (
  • Monetize by premium parties or a VIP system – maybe through ticket sales.
  • [Sofarsounds] ( You have bands and musicians and guests who have a party at your home.


  • I followed the model of getting and education and a job. I realised that working for someone is not for me.
  • I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and decided to become an entrepreneur
  • I’m working with a product brokerage company thats similar to kirkland – and we have thousands of partner stores – anything you can imagine – You get a free membership. The shops pay back a cashback when it makes a sale. The platform makes money by offering their own products.
  • IS there an API service for referral services? Amazon does it.
  • [] ( a kickstarter affiliate network
  • What if there was an API that autoloaded products based on some parameters that will provide the referral links to me.
  • The Wire Cutter
  • You can build your web presence on whatever area you want.