• Public Areas where you can post posters
  • Similar to digital displays in bathroom stalls


  • Tokyo-style meals in vending machines


  • What can you teach in 30 minutes


  • A writer’s forum like Nano WriMo

Other attendees: Kip, David

  1. Idea discussion Tate: Order digital screens from China in bulk from $15-$30 each Get into restaurants by offering restaurants ads to upsell Done by WiFi Only costs are screens and install Have to assume loss (e.g. 3%) Can gamify the idea: Score for how accurate you ae peeing Current cycle for outdoor advertising - 6 weeks Vancouver Hackspace Tuesday nights may be able to help Steve: Sometimes you want to buy and prepare; other times, you want to buy something you can eat right away Row of Vending Machines (5 or so machines) Where can you open these? Pender and Main (bank corner) Maybe near skytrain stations Need refridgerated machine so food lasts longer No healthy vending machines that we know of in Vancouver Can take requests for meal items from customers Contact that operates a Food Technology Centre in North Van Soylent: Nutritious to survive off of Drip bars: Next-day IVs after partying/drinking Altitude Performance and Health: Only CVAC pod in Canada - Simulate high altitude environments Hot coffee machines in Korea; serves small, super hot Cocktail/Beer vending machines currently exist that mixes ingredients The building that Delina is in: Premium luxury building Convenience Store: High-end 7-Eleven with a maitre’d Elevated level of oxygen: risk of toxicity Could also hack carbon dioxide in a room Kris: On Kris’s website, blog post about what you can teach in 30 minutes Google form with 3 things; Kris will select people to join group Record all of these Google Hangout presentations Format: Would there be a host? Anchor person might keep people coming back Create a in-person community that will be free Potentially an online community that will be monetized Is 30 minutes the right amount of time? Daily release of content drives traffic Ideawave: Batch three 10-minute talks, followed by 10-15 minute block in between each batch of talks Luke: Huge community for aspiring writers 30,000 words per month Could write beginning of a book and have other community members finish book Famous authors have used Nano WriMo to help launch their writing careers