• Trevor
  • Luke
  • Kris



  • Sell the concept to educators
  • Reach out to
  • Chris Hadfield puppet video

  • Give and then get community
    • Newbie initiation rite
    • contribute
    • set the cultural code
    • sanctions
      • first 2-3 times only 5 minutes for your idea
    • We’re a safe space – all genders. No tolerance for intolerance.
    • Post to diverse groups instead of regular groups
    • Survey
    • Bayesian analytics on surveys - 1 vs 5 (not 2.5, two passionate groups)
    • Men vs women, is there a difference and why?
  • 30 minute learning hangouts. Pay for 1, or a year. Line up a years worth of teachers
    • The whole earth catalog
    • Kevin Kelly - Cool Tools (has a mailing list).
    • Cost is high, potential might be high
      • ideas meetings cost is low, potential is high

Decision Tree

  • DT: First pass didn’t consist of all my criteria
  • Typed it in a rational vs emotional context, put it into a spreadsheet
  • We’re using a logical tool for measuring emotions in decision making
  • discrite choice experiments.
  • Progressive HR startups - two ex lululemon HR companies
  • Johnathon fields
  • Ask Yana to be in a video