Ideas Vancouver

  • Tate
    • Saas manager
    • Expedite Amazon AI
  • Riz
    • site where it tells you how you can achieve the job of your choice by telling you what skills it requires
  • Sasha
    • incorporate interactive games to bill and ted conference
  • Frederico
    • I’m making virtual reality experiences for chronic pain patients. People fix broken dolls, some are see-able, others you have to use a lens.
    • You see these dolls around and you see all these dolls live a life. So it helps people connect to the experience.
    • Not sure what the affectuation is yet.
  • Zee
    • My business is doing professional development for teachers and schools. We want to make videos for new things in the curriculum.
  • Cash
  • Luke




  • Businesses have a million Saas products. Is there a product that can get all these together?
  • Maybe this product will show you the efficiency a product has delivered to your business?
  • And there can be an auto cancellation system based on what’s been added to the bottom-line?
  • One-Saas – this does a pipeline between all your Saas Software but doesn’t measure their efficiency.
  • Integrate with One-Saas.
  • How do you define value? Well the companies (Saas providers) will define their value.
  • How do you define it?
  • You can have a surveying process involved with the system

Expedite Amazon AI

  • Amazon’s 10 year plan is to build an AI that will ship you stuff based on your past habits.
  • Their patent was one-click so they could capitalize the one-click to buy.
  • With this kind of system, they will move to friction point to the user to return shit.
  • So what if you could expedite that – can you build a network for personal amazon shoppers.
  • You sign up for a grocery shopper or a nerd shopper, and they will just buy stuff on amazon and send it to you.
  • And you keep gathering the data so you can later replace the people.
  • And it’s free as the affiliate shoppers are getting referral money.
  • And you build a personal shopper network for people.
  • And later you can sell the data to Amazon.
  • You can use it on any platform.
  • People don’t need to do the marketing - you’re helping them start a dropshipping business
  • This will also help Amazon have better efficiency in terms of their warehouses and stock prediction, etc.
  • You have to start with a niche as you’re competing with people in a niche already.
  • Eg, a guy bought all the Magic:The Gathering in Vancouver and sold them at 3x their money.
  • This makes consumerism WORSE!
  • What if you can have a “Subscriptions” like YouTube? Where people have their niches and they can send you the box depending your own subscription.
  • You can buy a boxxer’s service based on who’s personality most aligns with you.

Job Site

  • Can you link it with payscale/Glassdoor to get the money statics.
  • Teleport – App It basically put in where you wanna move and other factors you care about – and it gives you a rating on where you should go based on that. And it calculates cost of living vs. income.
  • So maybe your app could recommend where you should move?
  • How would you account for variance? Maybe you can correlate with similar skills?
  • Can you include what skills you have and it recommends you a job?
  • What has been other people’s path to a particular job? In arts theres not a particular path – how do you get there? IT focuses on people how you get there too. It helps you know what to do next.
  • Maybe you can also show which companies people have worked for? Who’s hiring for these particular jobs? And rank the companies.
  • Making it skills related is smart – help me figure out who is gonna see my skills and see “This is valuable” It’s hard to find jobs that have similar requirements but with different names. How your skills fit into other jobs that may not be on your radar?
  • What industries best appreciate contract or eclectic skills.
  • “I never really thought to look for certain jobs”

Interactive games in Bill and TED!

  • the idea is that there will be a number of different booths with products as well. There will be demonstrations, speakers, and performances
  • I plan on having a booth thats a hub of the interactive component – But also have it spread it throughout the event.
  • Students did something at BCTech that was similar where you had a scavenger hunt.
  • Local company called Kiip did something similar where they incentivized moments. So you can do something similar?
  • Anyone ever heard of Psycho-geography? It’s a movement that’s surrealist - but its acted by real people. You get people to interacte with you but they don’t know if they’re really part of something bigger.
  • And basically this provides no context to the person.
  • Similar movie: The Instituition where people did this in San Francisco.
  • Have something similar where you’re doing this but…people don’t know they’re part of it.

Create an interactive/interesting content for School Curriculum

  • Focused on BC and its teachers.
  • Can we create specific video content where we can also monetize for stuff on the side?
  • We would have to build something similar to netflix where there are interesting, inspiring courses/short-films for kids.
  • Skillshare: A place for short-courses
  • It has to be fun, clownish and interactive. Something like Beakman’s world.
  • Plex – Custom streaming service.
  • Maybe we should start by making the content – set the bar for the theme and quality

VR DOLLS Experiences for Chronic Pain

  • The theatre component focuses on their daily life. They do something like drink tea – but they start malfunctioning. The acute pain is visible, but chronic is invisible.
  • Through the theatre, we can show what’s going on. And you can interact with what’s going on. The idea is like a fish tank where you can interact with the situation.
  • you could focus on things like depression or diabetes, etc. And there are a lot of layers. Maybe you’re not leaving your house or something, this situation makes you aware of what’s going on.
  • A lot of chronic pain is psychological. Chronic pain becomes a jail as it’s psychological.
  • A lot of VR is focused on distraction right now for current patients, and it’s pretty effective – almost like morphine. But you can’t always keep distracted.
  • We’re exploring right now to see where it goes – it depends on the mechanics and our first initial user testing. Will it even be effective on patients?
  • It would be great for empathy and family members.