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  • Harondel


  • With Bill C-309 you can no longer warn a mask during an “unlawful assembly”, otherwise face 10 years just for that act alone. This means you couldn’t wear a mask during the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, or during a protest against the forest fires in BC. It’s suspected it won’t face a constitutional challenge.

    Idea: Start a fashion brand that is “not a disguise”, but perhaps large sunglasses with IR LEDs that would impact CCTV cameras.

  • We talked about blinding CCTV cameras.
  • Waze shows red light cameras
  • A list of city of Vancouver cameras

  • Quest is “Redistributing Quality Surplus Food to Reduce Hunger with Dignity”
  • Foodmesh “provides apps and services for food businesses and charities to safely divert surplus food to the highest end use.”
  • Recycling in Vancouver is a complete sham. No one is answering where our recycling goes.

    Idea: set a geo-location tracker with cameras in the recycling and see where it ends up. What’s the cheapest way to do this?

  • Netflix has a show called Rotten worth watching on this subject

  • We talked about radiation XKCD image
  • Radiation Hormesis suggests low level ionizing radiation is beneficial – historically radiation white papers were based on the damage to humans at scale, not at an individual level
  • Ian Soutar sells radiation beads and has an interesting ionized radiation water filter.
  • Update: I talked to Ian about this, and he said: Revigator and it is not for filtering water it’s for adding radon gas to the water which is the magic element in healing hot springs around the world (You can see a pic on his radiation hormesis website) That one was made in 1918 and is lined with yellow cake or uranium oxide. the uranium is blended with the clay that was used to make the vessel and also mixed with sawdust and applied as a slurry to the inside. When it’s baked for a second time in the kiln the sawdust Burns off leaving a honeycomb like radioactive structure that the water makes intimate contact with.
  • Book: Brewmasters Table. Kris shared stories of his bar in Victoria, and when Garrett Oliver came. He recommends this book even to those who don’t appreciate beer but appreciate food.
  • There are little to no true public houses (pubs) where you can go and know you’ll meet people. Kris tried to create that atomosphere.
  • Living near highways increased risk of neurological disorders hacker news thread
  • Anti-SLAPP
  • Masaru Emoto - The pseudoscience of creating beautiful (or ugly) water

  • Most of the night’s discussion turned to climate change, and the top 100 CEOs who are killing the planet. There are 5 in Canada, and one here in Vancouver.
  • We agreed we should go into how these CEOs were determined, and understand how we can measure their ratings on this list objectively.

    Idea: Patreon for solving climate change

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • We should stop referencing other non-relvant climate change issues. Kris noted that we can sit on the ocean’s edge and watch cruise ships come in and out while drinking a beverage with our aluminum straws
  • We should focus on the worst offenders listed aboove
  • We could make the Patreon campaign an MLM, share it on Facebook
  • Make the entire patreon campaign using Monero/zcash/dash
  • Create a real-time measurement page for patreon contributors
  • $10 would get you a “how to file a small claims filing” against your local perpatrator. The more money, the larger the package, and the larger the dent in fighting climate change
  • Patreon supporters get access to the measurement page, like a daily stock chart
  • What the bleep do we know?