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Next Steps

  • Find a local venue with a stove top and get 5-10 of us to try it out


After a discussion around Soylent and that our friends at D-CTRL Vancouver are working on their own version, there was some discussion about if this can be used outside of the geek community, and perhaps used altruistically. Guest member John mentioned several concerns with the local food bank system:

  • Mostly volunteer run
  • Volunteers get first pick of the food, leaving those who may need it the most with the least healthy options
  • Other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, food is often dificient
  • Produce that is fresh is extremely rare

It made us wonder if we could offer Soylent, which is intended to meet nutritional daily requirements, at an event. It was decided that such a drink might be too controversial, but soup is a regular offering in similar situations. Then we discovered Soylent Soup (also known as Poverty Soup) which appears to be under $2/day and very nutritious.

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